About Driver Service

Want to end the stress of driving yourself around &finding parking spots in this ever-existent traffic? Global Hunt now makes it easy for you to hire a Skilled, Dutiful & Verified Driver to drive you around.You can sit back, relax & enjoy the drive using the valuable time saved in commute to conclude any unfinished business. You can just usher him around to pick up your children safely from school every day or drive your family around. The drivers we help you select are thoroughly background checked & verified.

The satisfaction of our clients is important to you. While we send you dependable options for you to choose from, we advise you to monitor the driver closely to ensure he fits your requirement.

Tips to hire the best driver:

The Domestic Help segment is a very unorganized segment. From our experience, we are sharing the below tips to help hire & retain good driver. As you should understand by now, good drivers are always hard to find & retain.

  1. When you like a Driver in the telephonic interview, be polite with him / her. A candidate is more likely to turn up for the physical interview when he /she gets a good response from the employer.
  2. If you like a driver and he/she agrees to join, ask him/ her to join the same day or the next day. This will give less or no time for the driver to pursue other opportunities and save your time.
  3. After the driver of your choice joins at your home, treat him/her well especially the first 2 weeks. Most drivers leave within 2 weeks of joining or after receiving 1st salary. If they don’t, they will more likely stay with you for a year or longer.
  4. There could be times when a candidate agrees for the physical interview and doesn’t turn up. We advise you to keep atleast one candidate as a backup during the telephonic interviews, so that we can line up the next candidate without delay.

Why you should hire through Global Hunt

Global Hunt leverages its large database of drivers to provideits clients with good quality options. Ourteam understands your requirement carefully & gets to work to close the requirement quickly. Not just placement, our super responsive client support team is always just a phone call away to help you in case you need a replacement or assistance with any hiring related issues.

1000+ Drivers

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