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Babies laugh and smile when you take them in your arms but the moment you want to put them down, most times they start crying. Ever wondered why that happens? Imagine if just taking them into your arms can be so soothing for them, what a professional baby massage can make the baby experience. Baby Massage has many benefits for the baby. It not only calms and soothes them but also strengthens their body. A massage can stimulate a baby nervous system and makes them feel good and relaxed. If you are looking for a professional baby masseuse for the emotional wellbeing of your baby, you have come to the right place.

Tips to hire the best maid:

The Domestic Help segment is a very unorganized & unprofessional segment. Let alone any law there is hardly any common rule book to understand how the segment should work. From our experience, we are sharing the below tips to help hire & retain good maids. As you should understand by now, good baby caretakers are hard to find & retain now days.

  1. When you like a Baby Massage Maid in the telephonic interview, be polite with him / her. A candidate is more likely to turn up for the physical interview when he /she gets a good response from the employer.
  2. If you like a maid and she agrees to join, ask him/ her to join the same day or next day. This will give less or no time for the maid to pursue other opportunities and save your time.
  3. After a maid of your choice joins at your home, treat her well especially the first 2 weeks. Most Domestic help leave within 2 weeks of joining or after receiving 1st salary. If they don’t they will mostly stay with you for a year or longer.
  4. There could be a time when a candidate agrees for the physical interview and never turn. We advise you to keep atleast one candidate as a backup during the telephonic interviews, so that we can line up the next candidate without delay.

Why you should hire through Global Hunt

Global Hunt has helped more than 500 parents to find a good professional baby masseuse for their baby. We understand how valuable and precious your baby is and provide you with the best resource there is available. Rest assured with Global hunt your baby will be more relaxed and will enjoy the baby massages from the experts.

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